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Caduceus Banc is a leading North American financial services provider offering custom tailored working capital loans to healthcare professionals. We understand the intensive capital requirements facing the healthcare industry and offer products and services to help you balance growth and expansion with capital support and risk tolerance. We structure customized and flexible financing solutions for small, mid-sized and large healthcare groups. We work closely with our colleagues in all areas of the bank to meet your working capital requirements. You can also count on us to adapt our financing strategies to meet your needs for unsecured working capital.

Caduceus Banc's expertise in banking, healthcare providers, industry relationships, substantial capital base, and efficient approval process make it the ideal fit for Healthcare Provider borrowers.

Unsecured Working Capital

Commence A Loan for up to $ 200,000 unsecured
Caduceus Banc is committed to meeting the capital needs of healthcare professionals in all stages of growth. We provide Unsecured working capital lines of credit that you as a healthcare professional can use for a broad array of solutions, such as maintaining liquidity to bridge the gap between insurance receivables and practice expenses, because reimbursements from third-party payers take anywhere from 30 to 90 days, Practice Acquisition, Expansions and Improvements or starting up a new practice, Caduceus understands the healthcare industry in turn our products offer healthcare professionals, a full spectrum of debt solutions available through our investment fund. The COMMENCE A LOAN process allows healthcare professionals to take advantage of unsecured line of credit up to $200,000

Unsecured Working Capital Line of Credit
Issue Loans
Upfront Payments; No
Early Payoff Allowed Yes
IT Healthcare Software Infrastructure Yes
Leasehold Improvements Yes
Progress Payments During installation or manufacturing process Doctor is funded cash before completion
Debt Reflected on Credit Report No
Buy out another practice or expand your practice Yes
Starting up a NEW practice Yes
Improve Your Cash Flow Yes
Conserve Your Cash Reserves Yes
Maintain Your Financial Flexibility Yes
Take advantage of depreciation and the tax benefits of ownership Yes
Build equity in assets with each payment Yes
Fixed interest rates to satisfy your cash flow requirements Yes
Flexible repayment terms and structures Yes
12-96 month contracts to match your financing needs Yes
In-term upgrades that can be easily added with a new contract; Yes

Practice Acquisition & Expansion Financing

Financing to help secure the capital needed to buy out an existing practice.
If acquiring your way to growth is your preferred path, our practice acquisition loans are designed to help you purchase an existing practice with confidence and terms that make it work for you. If expansion is the right direction for you, we have products that fit the variety of growth options you have available to you.

For some, choosing the right practice is more difficult than buying a home. When you purchase a practice you'll gain an office staff, patient base, location and equipment, not to mention the "goodwill" of the selling doctor. All of these factors need to fit your management style and vision of the type of practice you want to build.

As you think about purchasing a practice, Caduceus Banc Healthcare Financial Services is here to help you make the right financing choices. Backed by more than three decades of experience in the practice solutions market, we have the resources and expertise to help you respond quickly and effectively to every business opportunity.

It is critical to work with a financial partner who is experienced in the world of practice acquisition finance. This type of financing is unique from other loans as it requires no tangible assets it is completely unsecured capital.

At Caduceus Banc, we specialize in practice acquisition finance. You evaluate the financial viability and opportunity you are considering. Then we break down the process into five steps specifically designed to help you move quickly with ease and confidence. These steps have been carefully designed once you COMMENCE A LOAN; Caduceus Banc respects your time and makes your transition into ownership of a practice smooth and professional

  • Process & Verify application
  • Prepare loan terms and set basics in action
  • Finalize closing contracts
  • Close – documents signed and accepted
  • FUND LOAN all complete within a week

Financing to help add onto existing facilities or construct new ones.
If expansion is your preferred path of growth, our practice expansion loans are designed to help you build a new practice, or improve your existing practice, with confidence and terms that make it work for you. If expansion is the right direction for you, we have products that fit the variety of growth options you have available to you.

At Caduceus Banc, we are committed to understanding your specific needs and challenges while helping you identify strategies and solutions to make well thought out improvements with bottom-line results. We'll start by helping you address some simple questions:

  • Should you grow by buying an additional practice or by adding on to your current facility?
  • Do you want to bring in new technology?
  • Is redesigning your office to include enhanced patient amenities and comfort the right way to go?

In this market, income levels have gone down and malpractice costs have skyrocketed. So healthcare professionals are looking at margins that have been significantly impacted and trying to figure out, ‘How do I preserve my assets, and grow my practice at the same time. Caduceus Banc unsecured working capital, you will be able to save your capital and raise your cash flow, with expanding your practice.

With the Caduceus Banc COMMENCE A LOAN process you will have access up to $200,000 unsecured working capital within a week and term loan are available up to 5 million. Using this strategy, as a Healthcare Professional could use the line of credit to pay contractors and architects and not worry about paying back the principal until after you moved into the new space.

Whatever growth path you choose, Caduceus Banc Healthcare Financial Services will be here to support you. Our financing is flexible and open-ended. Once your application is verified, we'll find the best ways to put your credit to work for you from leasehold improvements and unsecured working capital to new equipment or practice acquisitions.

  • 100% financing for equipment, working capital, leasehold improvement and merchandise
  • Competitive rates
  • No money down
  • No annual fee
  • Terms up to 10 years
  • Deferred and graduated payment programs
  • Easy application with fast approvals
  • COMMENCE A LOAN unsecured up to $200,000
  • Term loans up to 5MM

Medical Equipment Financing

Custom tailored equipment solutions

No healthcare practice can exist without equipment. If you prefer to own your equipment, our loan programs have flexible structures. If conserving your capital, managing low monthly payments or upgrading your equipment when technology advances is important to you, Caduceus Banc has the right solutions.

With economic conditions constantly fluctuating and the healthcare industry facing new challenges at every turn, more healthcare providers are turning to the value of financing medical equipment to free up cash, preserve working capital and hedge against inflation. But sifting through all the finance options available and finding the one that’s exactly right for you has been a major challenge … until now.

Caduceus Banc is committed to understanding your needs and expectations … and delivering easy, affordable ways to get the equipment you need now and in the future. Our promise is simple: we’ll make sure our finance products provide you with greater value, convenience and control over your bottom line, as well as:

  • Predictable, fixed finance payments to stabilize your budget forecasting.
  • Flexibility to replace or upgrade equipment before it becomes obsolete.
  • Have the ability to combine equipment and related services in one convenient payment.

Your Needs Matter Most: Flexibility and Tailored Products & Services

We’ll match our versatile finance products to your business plans, marketing strategy and budgetary goals. So whether you are purchasing new diagnostic equipment, implementing a state-of-the-art IT solution platform, or adding mobile imaging, we’ll offer:

  • Tailored finance structures
  • 24-84 month finance terms to provide greater flexibility
  • Quick turnaround times for credit decisions, documents and funding
  • Adaptable payment plans with inflation protection to conserve your funds and protect your cash flow
  • Finance contracts that begin when the equipment is installed and ready for use
  • Multiple end-of-term options including upgrade, renewal, purchase or return
  • Fixed financing and service costs for predictable cash flow
  • Single monthly payment simplifies budgeting
  • Your choice of service levels
  • Off-balance-sheet financing to preserve your lines of credit
  • Easy in-term upgrades
  • Complete end-of-term options


With our loan programs, you can finance everything you need from a single piece of equipment to an entire new office. At Caduceus Banc, we'll custom tailor a plan to meet your individual needs, that may include:

  • 100% financing for equipment, working capital, leasehold improvement and merchandise
  • Competitive rates
  • No money down
  • No annual fee
  • Terms up to 10 years
  • Deferred and graduated payment programs
  • Easy application with fast approvals
  • COMMENCE A LOAN unsecured up to $200,000
  • Term loans up to 5MM

Loans can be a smart choice to help you manage your practice for the long term, while allowing you to take advantage of depreciation and the tax benefits of ownership. We'll set up a custom payment schedule to help you improve cash flow, and you'll be building equity in the assets you acquire for your practice.

New Practices Start-Up's

If you are just starting your first practice we can help.

Making your business plan a reality is a challenge. The right financing can help you meet your initial cash flow needs so you can concentrate on growing to the next step.

A smart approach to opening your practice is to set your sights on a long-range plan, but make a sensible start. As you establish your practice, your client base will grow. You will need enough room to accommodate the increase in patient flow. You also may want to hire associates down the road. Bottom line, you want to be able to handle all the growth you expect while maintaining a high level of service for your patients along the way.

At Caduceus Banc Healthcare Financial Services, we understand what is required to start a practice. As a result, our first practice financing solution offers loans consistent with the costs associated with starting a new practice. Once you COMMENCE A LOAN, for unsecured working capital up to $200,000

  • We'll provide you with the funds needed within a week.
  • You will have the flexibility to allocate use of the funds.
  • With the Unsecured working capital it will help you build the revenue base necessary to maintain your practice once it's open.

With more than 30 years of practice financing expertise and innovative practice solutions to help you successfully meet the changing needs of your practice. We specialize in forming long-lasting relationships that provide flexible financing options during every career stage — from launching your first practice or expanding and upgrading your offices to selling your business in preparation for retirement.

Medical & Retail Consumer Finance

Caduceus Banc provides customized private label and installment loan programs to medical practices that want to provide healthcare Patient financing and retailers consumer finance programs. Our offerings also include promotional and extended financing, installment lending, and financial services for consumers through dealers; national, regional and independent retailers; associations; contractors; manufacturers; healthcare practices; and service providers.


While we customize our solutions to meet the unique needs of each retailer and its customers, our goal is always the same: to help retailers drive sales and grow their business. It all starts with understanding your customers. What do they need and desire? Why do they buy? What makes them loyal? Then we develop integrated credit and marketing solutions that help you engage customers and keep them coming back again and again.

Healthcare Provider

In today’s increasingly competitive healthcare market, it’s essential to establish one-on-one relationships with patients and caregivers. Working with healthcare companies, we use the latest demographic information to create communications that enhance loyalty and improve business results. We also provide consumer financing programs targeting patients who are considering elective medical procedures. These turnkey programs enable our healthcare clients to offer business-critical credit services to their patients, which in turn improves patient satisfaction, fosters loyalty, and grows business.

Leveraging consumer insight to grow your business.

The businesses of Caduceus Banc — Retail and Healthcare Services — offer an unmatched breadth of capabilities designed to help you grow your business. We enable customers make a purchases by offer a wide array of flexible financial products and services through a broad and diverse network of businesses that includes retailers, dealers, and healthcare providers.   

Proven solutions. Delivered to key strategic markets.

Caduceus Banc specializes in the financing of consumer services and products.  We purchase retail installment contracts from a dealer network that spans across the United States. We specialize in large to small retail operations that market and sell products related to general consumer.  Some of the more common products financed by Caduceus Banc  are: cosmetic surgery, security systems, vacuum cleaners, water filtration systems, home furnishings and appliances, spas, home improvement.

  • Marketing-driven credit services — branded credit programs including private label credit, co-brand, and commercial card services, designed to drive sales, engage customers and build loyalty with your brand.

  • Flexible Credit Programs —   we specialize in servicing the financial needs of consumers with both prime and sub-prime credit quality.  This combined rewards you with customer retention and personalized marketing strategies.  Depending on the size and volume of your business, Caduceus Banc can create a customized, internet-based online application process.  Customers can get approved over the internet immediately.  Most credit applications will be processed in 60 seconds or less.

  • Database, analytics and targeted marketing communications — we design and build sophisticated marketing databases, apply analytics and develop ROI-based marketing programs that deliver relevant messages to help connect customers with your brand.

Proven strategies backed by a spirit of collaboration.

  • Collaborative partnerships — close collaboration with our clients that leads to solutions that are tailored to each client and its customers.

  • Customer-centric approach — like our clients, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and a consistent brand experience to their customers.

  • Proven strategies — Caduceus Banc has a combined experience more than 25 years of delivering services that measurably strengthen customer relationships and drive business growth.

As a participant in any of our programs, you'll receive:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Innovative Technology
  • Premier Service and Support
  • Effective Marketing Solutions

All from a financially solid, customer focused lender with the experience and desire to help you succeed.

At Caduceus Banc Retail Services, we work with retailers, manufacturers, distributors, associations and buying groups in a variety of industries, including:

  • Above-ground Pools & Spas
  • Appliances & Electronics
  • Floor Coverings
  • Furniture
  • Healthcare
  • Home Improvement
  • Jewelry
  • Pet Financing
  • Sporting & Recreational Goods
  • And more!

Dealer Benefits:

Increased Sales: Customers who are account holders spend more and purchase more often. Statistics show that customers spend up to three times more when paying with a private label credit than when using other forms of payment. Generous Credit Limits: Upon approval, your customers can use 100% of their credit line immediately to purchase any of the products and services you provide.

Improved Cash Flow: With payments made directly to your account within 48 hours of settlement every sale on an CaduceusPlus™ account is like cash in the bank.

Gain a Competitive Advantage: Many customers often seek out those retail dealers who offer flexible or incentive financing options. CaduceusPlus™ will provide you with the complete solution that turns more opportunities into clients.

Customer Benefits:

  • Increased Purchasing Power
  • Simple Application Process
  • Instant Credit Decisions
  • Promotional Financing Programs
  • No Annual Fees
  • CaduceusPlus™ Products
  • Consumer Revolving Credit

Allows customers the ability to pay in full or over time as best suits their cash flow. Promotional programs.

  • 90 Days Same as Cash – with Payments
  • 180 days Same as Cash – with Payments
  • 12 Months Same as Cash – with Payments
  • 12 Month Equal Payment Program

Consumer Closed End Credit -Installment Loans

Allows customers the ability to establish a fixed monthly payment with terms from 12 -48 months depending upon the transactions value.

Promotional programs

  • 90 Days Same as Cash
  • 180 days Same as Cash
  • 12 Months Same as Cash

Operations - Greater control and efficiency

  • Process online credit applications easily
  • Quickly run sales so you have more time with consumers
  • Improve cash with fast credit funding
  • Request instantaneous credit line increases for revolving programs
  • Help consumers find the right payment options with the online estimator
  • Easily and conveniently look up customer account numbers

Marketing - Drive more traffic to your business

  • Use the proprietary Business Locator to get your name in front of millions of consumers
  • Use The Marketing Toolkit to:
    • Create customized marketing materials
    • Obtain lists of best customers
  • Create highly targeted mailing lists using the Geo SIC  tool to reach the right consumers
  • Generate reports showing your credit applications and funding data
  • Easily access the forms you need in the Document Center
  • Use activity reports for employee incentive programs
  • Control the level of access for all your users

Training - Learn to earn

  • Benefit from the online self-paced training modules found only in the Training Resource Center
  • Understand how financing strengthens your business
  • Teach your staff to sell with financing more effectively

    Credit Platform

    Application processing, authorization and settlement are made by using the online web portal which can be integrated into a POS or e-Commerce platform as required. Applications can also be called in, faxed or e-mailed to the CaduceusPlus™ support center for processing.

    Platform Features

  • Online credit application with credit decisions rendered typically within 5 minutes
  • Simple authorization and settlement process
  • Account status tracking and activity reporting

Healthcare providers with web access will launch the online portal directly from the desktop to efficiently process applications and authorizations. User authentication provides for security and audit tracking of each transaction. Settlements are processed upon the funding sources receipt of the documentation package, signed application, sales slip, and verification call with the customer, with funds transferred directly to a dealer’s account within 48 hours.

Credit Functionality - CaduceusPlus™

Applications with complete information are typically decisioned within 5 minutes of submission. Risk based scoring. The status of all transactions may be reviewed real-time on the activity screens within the CaduceusPlus™ processing system or by calling Credit Services and speaking directly with a credit analyst.

Transaction Pricing

Transactions are underwritten to three tiers of credit standards to improve approval ratios in the current economic environment. Each tier has a risk fee associated with the credit profile of the applicant with the merchant having the discretion to accept or decline the approval and applicable risk fee based upon the economics of each transaction.

The value of this approach is that healthcare provider get improved approval percentages with the increase in risk fees being more than compensated by the incremental sales generated by the program.

Reporting – Program Performance

In addition to our online transaction monitoring capabilities, we can provide you with comprehensive reporting information designed to meet your specific business needs and requirements.

Reporting – Marketing

Caduceus Banc has comprehensive reporting capabilities that are designed to provide data per your requirements. The processing platform captures all elements of the customer and transaction data and can report accordingly.

Communication / Program Launch Agreements / Collateral

  • Comprehensive reference/training guide
  • Quick reference guide
  • Take One application/ disclosures

Welcome kits are provided when enrollment information has been processed and merchant numbers have been assigned. We complete training on the transaction processing system and a dealer can commence submitting transactions.


We provide a comprehensive training program that ensures all participating locations are confident in all aspects of effectively presenting the program to customers and efficiently processing transactions. We provide the infrastructure, web site customization, user training, marketing support and all necessary collateral to launch and maintain the program. Once we receive the enrollment documentation it takes approximately two weeks to complete the set up and schedule and commence the training necessary for you to go live with the program.

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