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Caduceus Banc was formed by a group of healthcare professionals, senior banking and capital markets executives from leading financial institutions, including, Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase, Unitron Capital as well as leading institutional investors. Caduceus Banc has access to substantial debt financing through existing facilities. Caduceus Banc is focused exclusively on providing customized financing solutions to healthcare professional borrowers through two dedicated lending groups: Healthcare Industry Fund I & II.

Success in the medical profession takes long hours, a sizeable dollar investment and years of education, often in a specialized field. Because patient care is their first priority, doctors often have little time for the business of managing capital finances needs to take their practice to the next plateau. Medical professionals ó whether they own practices or simply need guidance raising capital for unsecured working capital, practice acquisition, equipment finance, expansions and improvements or if you are starting a new Practice ó can benefit from calling in financial specialists at Caduceus Banc.

Caduceus Banc is an industry leader in healthcare financing. We have custom tailored loan products to suit the ever changing needs of physicians, dentists, veterinarians, and medical specialists. Healthcare professionals donít have a lot of time; they need someone to quickly help them navigate through their financial capital needs. Caduceus Banc is exclusively for the healthcare professionals with this in mind loan products are design unsecured and with the click on the button and a short verification you will have the unsecured working capital needed to fuel your practice.

Busy medical professionals need financial experts who understand their unique financial challenges to learn more on Caduceus Banc Commence A Loan Product and raise the capital need to propel your profits of your practice, click on products and services or to Commence a loan and receive the funds need within a week please click on COMMENCE A LOAN.
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Caduceus understands the business challenges and growth strategies of healthcare professionals. We have a long history - and an institutional commitment to - providing working capital financing solutions for healthcare providers. To view examples of several recent transaction
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