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“Delivering Value-Added Capital Solutions to Healthcare Professionals”

Caduceus Banc is a North American-based commercial finance company with extensive direct origination capabilities and a $700 million managed loan portfolio. We provide customized financing solutions to healthcare professional and retail borrowers through a nationally-focused lending group: Healthcare Industry Professional Fund I & II and Retail Industry Fund I.

Caduceus Banc delivers superior banking and healthcare provider expertise, industry relationships, substantial capital base, and an expeditious approval process resulting in an ideal fit for healthcare providers. Our physician loans are available to medical professionals nationwide.

Physician Loans

Physician Loans A Physician’s time is their bottom line, our fast and efficient loan commence process for unsecured working capital is just a click away. With our short verification process for physician loans we are able to transfer the funds to your account within 5-7 business days. Read More

Dentist Loans

Dentist Loans Dentist work hard to stay at the top of their field, they value the fact that Caduceus Banc is experienced in their industry and is able to focus on each Dentist’s needs. We pair up a specialist to help you commence an unsecured loan and transfer the funds in a week to grow your practice. Read More

Veterinarian Loans

dentist loans Caduceus Banc understands Veterinarian professionals come with different financial needs. Caduceus Banc provides experienced specialists in several fields to help veterinarian professionals meet today’s demands and realize tomorrow’s potential. Read More

Medical Specialist Loans

medical practice loan Since medical specialists face liquidity issues, cash flow is critical. Medical specialists such as Chiropractors, Optometrists, Podiatrists, and Physical Therapists have to be able to pay their employees and provide benefits. Caduceus Banc Unsecured Working Capital will inject the capital you need to grow. Read More

Retail Installment Financing

Physician LoansFinancing is an important tool to help customers achieve their goals By effectively offering financing, you create a positive buying experience for customers. Research shows that the average ticket price of a first purchase is higher for customers who use a consumer credit financing program compared to those who purchase on traditional bankcards. Read More

Patient Financing

Patient Financing We offer financing to a variety of providers, including dental, vision care, veterinary,audiology, cosmetic surgery, chiropractic and other practitioners. Caduceus Banc is the leader in patient/client financing. We offer a comprehensive range of plans ranging from $1 to over $25,000. Choose from no deferred interest and extended payment plans. Read More
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Caduceus understands the business challenges and growth strategies of healthcare professionals. We have a long history - and an institutional commitment to - providing working capital financing solutions for healthcare providers. To view examples of several recent transaction
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We specialize in physician loans, medical practice loans, doctors loans, medical finance, and other types of working capital loans for healthcare professionals. Loan specialties also include dental, medical equipment financing, retail, and medical installment financing programs.